War Robots Approach and Tricks, information

Stages of FightPre-fight
Using a nicely balanced hangar is vital. You need to have a minumum of one fast robot for beacon running, a few powerful Knife Fighters and based on the amount of hangar slots a midrange and/or long range service or sniper.
Beginning with a beacon knife or runner fighter is generally believed to be the best alternative; beginning with a long range service robot is frowned upon by many players.
In the event that you really prefer the support function, start with a different robot and then if it’s appropriate bring in your favourite sniper or artillery unit.
as soon as your Robot first appears on the map you will find a countdown timer as the video game waits for all of the players to look (spawn). Use this time until the match begins to pan around and get your bearings and watch exactly what robots and weapons that your team mates have chosen and where the closest beacons are. This gives you a fantastic idea who’s likely to go for beacons and also what type of service you’ll have during battle.
It’s important for your team to capture both beacons closest to your spawn point (the point on the map where your team begin ) as speedily as possible. If your team consists with mostly light robots then this should be easy. However if they are mostly slower robots and you are in a slower robot also – then you might need to capture the beacon you are closest to.
It can be annoying to need to go for a beacon a quicker or closer team mate should have captured. But not grabbing both of your unwanted beacons early is your fastest way to eliminate the match.

Get your unwanted Beacons

A Beacon is a location on a map that can be captured by either team. Whether you win or lose depends on the number of beacons your team has captured.
The amount of beacons captured correlates to how quickly the team’s colour bar is drained. In the event the Blue (Allied) team has one beacon and the Red (Enemy) team has two, both colour bars will diminish but the Blue will deplete faster. In case the Enemy contains three beacons, then the Allied color bar will reduce much quicker than previously. Therefore, it’s vital to capture as many beacons as you can slow the deterioration of your team’s pub and hasten the deterioration of theirs.
Holding less beacons than the enemy would be the primary reason for losing a match.
The Center Beacon
The most contested beacon is that the center beacon. This beacon is usually in the center of the map and equally far from every team’s spawn point.
At the start of the video game that this beacon will mostly be attacked with Cossacks or other mild robots. Your team will have to get to this beacon first and put into position to guard it. In maps such as Dead City or even Shenzhen the center beacon has no cover, so the strategy to win there is to destroy any enemies until they reach the beacon. Nonetheless, in maps such as Springfield or even Yamantau, the beacons have lots of cover so if you can get to the beacon first it’s possible to get behind cover and try to eliminate any enemy robots that try to bring it from you. If your team mates do their job then one of these will advance to aid you. The duty of the very first robot to reach the beacon would be to maintain it long enough for their team mates in slower, stronger bots to get into position to defend it.
The Enemy’s Beacons
If your team is successfully holding the center beacon, or if it’s too strongly held by the red team, you might opt to attempt to capture the enemies dwelling beacons. You may also need to attempt to re-capture any beacons you’ve lost. Fast light robots would be best for this, but often you only need to use what you have. Should you find a quicker robot going for a beacon and you are in a better equipped robot it’s possible to head off or distract any members of the Red team which may try to prevent them.
End Game
Be ready to alter tactics where necessary – and keep an eye on the Beacon Bar and Beacon indicators – that they will let you know whether you can play defensively, or if you want to create a last ditch assault to capture beacons held from the red team.
While beacons are vital, keep in mind that a team can even win or drop by ruining or having all of their robots destroyed. So be aggressive, not reckless on your attempts to capture and maintain beacons.

Early Game Robots and Weapons
Light Robots
Best equipped with two equal weapons it could fill many different rolls in the first video game.
The Cossack, though fragile, is great at capturing beacons because of its jump capability and high speed. Early in the video game you have a limited selection of weapons.
The Sch├╝ltze is a often under valued robot. It’s a fast and tough little robot that is a bit more limited with just a single hefty hardpoint. Equip it with an ECC Thunder and it’s capable of massive amounts of damage at close range. Also, it’d be good to mention this little monster has the highest health of any mild robot (if you don’t count the Gareth plus it is shield), and that means you can endure a few encounters with other mild robots and perhaps moderate robots.
The Gepard was the best light robot at the video game, prior to Stalker and Gareth introduction. Now it is not even the fastest bot, and you are better off purchasing Gareth for this amount of gold. Two good things about Gepard are: maximum speed at first degree (however, he is NOT fastest robot there is), and also three weapon slots.
Gareth, such as the Gepard it costs gold. The couple things it has against it comprise splash damage and massive sustained damage (The prior can ignore the shield, the latter breaks it quickly).
Only lucky or experienced players can destroy Stalker when is in”stealth” mode.
Medium Robots
Combat Plans
When utilizing a light robot, relying on teamwork is crucial – unless you are heading for a beacon allow the thicker robots to go ahead of you when confronting enemy robots. You can support your teammates by helping them pick weaker robots while capturing Beacons. Allow the heavies put down fire on the thicker enemy robots.
For ruining a stronger robot such as a Boa, try to work together with another team mate. 1 participant can try to distract the enemy by hitting on him ducking behind cover, while another flanks them. Concentrated fire is vital to taking down a stronger opponent.
Retreat when you Find a robot with two or more SURA-F Pinatas or a ECC Thunder. Become knowledgeable about the strength and variety of weapons and try to remain out of range of the more powerful ones.
Engaging the enemy
Try to avoid head to head combat with a more effective competitor (The Gareth can succeed in encounters such as this, unless said robot possesses splash damage or is a Galahad.) . Keep moving, and try to strafe (alternate dodging left & right) your competitor so as to reduce the quantity of damage you take. Most weapons are less accurate with a moving goal with just a proportion of projectiles hitting you.
Some robots installations tend to be more suited to fast hit and run tactics. For these it is recommended to sneak behind the enemy and then dispatch them until they could react.
Before a robot duel you always need to check who your competitor is before participating. To try it, simply stand beside the end of a wall and then flip your camera to view around the wall. In the event the enemy is stronger than you, war robots hack recommended!